Premium Scallops IQF
ROE Off Dry
These sashimi-grade scallops from Sechura Bay are known for their sweetness and delicately creamy texture, succulent flavor, all-natural with no added ingredients or water. Our sustainably farmed product is 100% traceable from our source.
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Premium Half Shell
Scallops IQF - ROE Off Dry
Arteseans Premium Scallops are naturally fed by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean of Peru. These grade-A Bay Scallops are responsibly farmed diver caught, guaranteeing the finest quality.
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Sustainably Farmed

For over 20 years, Arteseans have relentlessly focused on providing the healthiest and best-tasting scallops in a better and more sustainable way for you and your family.

All scallops are carefully handled from the moment of harvest until they arrive at our processing plant to preserve the best quality and ensure the best flavor of unsurpassed standards. Arteseans Scallops are “Best Choice” by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. .

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It all starts in the ocean & pristine waters
Explore our quality process
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The sea is our family

Our passion for the sea and its scallops laid the foundations for the subsequent development of farming areas.

This love for the sea is present in our organizational culture and is our main commitment to the sustainability and preservation of the sea.We are committed to helping our customers sell more value products by providing farm-direct procurement, processing, and delivering sustainably sourced seafood.

We are continually innovating and researching to ensure we offer a product that meets the highest standards.